Unlike many hotels or homestays, Couple Nest is not a place just for arriving and staying overnight, we focus exclusively on emotions, for lovers to bond more, experience sweeter, at a more romantic space …

        Learning more about the sensory studies of both men and women, Couple Nest knows that when we fall in love, we feel our surroundings more clearly and deeply. Therefore, we believe that building a place that focuses on emotions will make loving couples have space to bond and connect even more. Five emotions that we want to combine put into the chain of apartments for rent by day and hourly Couple Nest are, to name some examples:

            • Touch: everything, touch, surfaces are soft, clean, and smooth.
            • Sight: living in a miniature European space, with a new design, soft lights, a romantic night view …
            • Smell: fragrance from fresh flowers, natural essential oils, fresh morning without stuffing like Saigon in hustle days.
            • Sound: The music you like, a movie you love or sometimes it’s quiet to peaceful, just the gentle breathing of the person by your ear!
            • Taste: a glass of wine, a dish that both of them really like, the sweetness of her lips, the taste of love like the first days of meeting.