We, LOVERS, are always looking for a truly private place, with a romantic space to fully enjoy and engage with each other. But in crowded Saigon, besides hotels and crowded shopping malls, we had almost no other choice.

Inspired by beautiful stories from European mythology films, we have travelled to countries, tens of thousands of kilometers away and learn from every corner of the architecture here. We build 5-star standard services with flexible rental packages, focusing entirely on the emotions and experiences of our customers.

And COUPLE NEST was born after cherished for years and meticulous in the construction process, we hope to bring a full feeling to our customers. A feeling you will surely find nowhere else in Saigon.


You know that the distance is not in the geographical position, but the coldness in the hearts. Bustling pace of life, stuffy space of the City, and many other chaos and tension make you and your partner no longer as passionate as the first days of dating. And that’s when you need time and space to let your partner know that you are still connecting with her/him. For this reason, we, COUPLE NEST, take LOVE & CONNECTION as our mission!

Starting with two qualitative well-loved Seduce and Lust apartments, COUPLE NEST has many diverse ideas always developed and move forward to become a chain of luxury love apartments in more places. We are committed to providing a high-end experience, with innovative architecture, with many dedicated services to bring couples who are in love even more values.

We listen to your feedbacks. Only when you are happier, we think we succeed at the beginning of our development.


COUPLE NEST was born out of love, by those who love each other, earnestly looking for ways to renew and nurture better love. So services that we create are the catalysts that make the cold become warmer, like beautiful moments when we first fell in love.

Our ultimate goal is to make every ordinary day a special occasion. Make “special” occasions more memorable than ever. Turn Saigon into a luxury. Turn seemingly suffocating space to become splendid and lavish. Make love seem familiar to become new. Everything will be nestled subtly in luxurious, private and extremely romantic apartments.


Hotline: 0339 499 899 – 0355 366 858

Email: 1st@couplenest.vn

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Looking forward to welcoming you and your love soon !